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In this video I show you magick with demon Sabnock from Goetia: a protection spell for pets. This spell is suited for kids and adults too.



Welcome! Bem vinda!

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My name is Bonnie and I am known as Lucifera. People call me Lucifera. I live in Sweden. I am a well known Witch and I practice Witchcraft since long ago.

Most probably you have already seen my websites, because I have several. Two of my other websites cover China and Chinese speaking countries, Japan, Korea, Germany, Sweden and USA.

This is my third multilingual website for people who speak Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Afrikaans and French. Creating websites has become my hobby and it brings me joy.

I use the same theme on all my websites, because I believe that visitors will feel familiar with this theme and easily navigate my websites.

I have decided to create this English About me page for English speaking visitors. If you want to visit my website Pitchblackcraft, here is the link to the Pitchblackcraft English blog.




My favourite spirits


I have two favourite spirits: the demon of Mars, Barzabel, and a spirit of a dead soldier from the times of WW2. I and the dead soldier have been together during many years.

I like to do magick together with demon Barzabel, because he has transformed me into a very brave woman. This demon has taught me warfare with dead soldiers from the times of WW2.

But collaborating with the demon of Mars comes at a cost while he teaches magickal warfare. Because I summon dead soldiers often, the dead influence my thinking patterns into ways that please them.


This is the planetary talisman of Mars with the seals of Mars, Graphiel and Barzabel.


Barzabel taught me the most dangerous types of necromantic rituals: doll magick with dead military staff! Once, after a curse with the help of dead soldiers, I became a victim of serious panic attacks.

My panic attacks lasted during one month and I feared death. I had a feeling of acute danger and that somebody would shoot me.

So, after this experience, I understood that the dead soldiers of WW2 are still alive in spirit form and they are very dangerous spirits.

What did I do to stop my terrible panic attacks? I reversed the curse on my enemy at once and called back the dead soldiers.

But I was afraid to call the dead men back to me. So, I used the planetary talisman of Saturn and asked Zazel and Agiel to keep me alive.

I also understood that the Goetia demons are powerless against dead military staff. No Goetia demon can stop dead military staff from reaching the enemy.

Your enemies will physically perish after your curse. It is not possible to curse an enemy mildly when dead military staff is involved. Barzabel taught me to execute deadly curses!

But of course, this type of magick is for extreme cases and I will never do it unless I must defend my life. In short, Barzabel is a good demon for a woman, because he gives women masculine power.

The demon of Mars is also suitable for training dogs and birds. If you need to train birds, dogs or horses into brave behaviour, Barzabel can help you with this.



This short video is about the planetary talisman of Mars.




The Old tradition

of Witchcraft

and the Jehovah stuff

These Hebrew letters are read from right to left: Yod Heh Vau Heh. You end up with Yahweh or Yehovah. I use such letters in my rituals with angels.


I started practicing Witchcraft with the evocations of Archangels. When I explored the Tree of Life, I called upon Jehovah and his Archangels.

Sometimes, even today, I summon Jehovah together with the demons of Goetia. Because, I am very familiar with the magick of Goetia and Grimorium Verum, I do not follow the rituals of Goetia strictly.

During some rituals, I like to exclude Jehovah and replace him with Lucifer and the Archdemons. But on some occasions and for strictly Christian clients, I summon Jehovah and angels.

And it is a fact that I practice all sorts of witchcraft with the spirits of the Arbatel, Clavicula Salomonis, Heptameron, Goetia and Grimorium Verum.

Now, don’t think that I am lying about the Jehovah stuff! I know that I am on Catholic territory. Russians are Orthodox people, and they like my Jehovah stuff on the front page of my website.

I am originally Christian (Orthodox and Protestant church). In the Orthodox tradition women practice witchcraft, but in secrecy. I began to practice witchcraft early in life and I called upon Saints, Jesus and other spirits to execute all my spells.

Later in life I became familiar with the Bible and after that I was pulled into the studies of Kabbalah and magick.

Later, I discovered more interesting books on the subject of Christian magick: the Key of Solomon, Heptameron, The Goetia and Grimorium Verum.

But I do like magick with demons and the dead very much. This magick cannot be compared to angelic magick due to the way how ghosts of the dead operate after spells.

The intellect of the ghost merges with the brain of the Witch and information is exchanged. The dead can convey important information to the Witch just in seconds.




About my services


I do not teach the Kabbalah and its witchcraft. If you are looking for a teacher, you should join an occult order. There are sects and you can join them.

I do different kinds of magick for my clients. Many of my clients heard about me through friends in Sweden or saw me on the Swedish TV. Then they found me on the Internet, and I helped them.

I do all sorts of love and obsession spells, weight loss and beauty spells for women, protection spells and healing spells (for adults, kids and pets).

Protection spells come in 2 varieties: protection spells from Witch curses (demon Sabnock from Goetia) and protection from murder (Focalor, Andromalius, Belial, a dead lawyer and dead military staff is involved).

When dead military staff is involved in spells, the prices of this service is of course high, because these spirits are very dangerous for me to handle, but they protect me and my clients very well.




My consultations

& spell prices


Before you make a payment for a ritual service, please send me a message. We will begin with a consultation (the consultation costs 50 USD). I charge money for my time.

My consultations via e-mail cost 50 USD. You must be aged 24 + and be able to make authorised PayPal payments (with your own card or from your own bank account).

Once you have paid the fee, you and I will discuss your situation. Read about what the consultation service includes below.



When I have learned about your situation and if you want to book a ritual (magick), we can do it. Check out my spell prices below.





I accept payments via PayPal. Please ask me to give you a payment link. You must be aged 24 + and be able to make authorised PayPal payments (with your own card or from your own bank account).

I also accept payments via bank transfer.





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If you have a “serious life issue” that needs to be kept secret, contact me via a protonmail account only. I do not speak on the phone with the customer, because phones are not reliable (you and me cannot be private).





My blog


All my free articles and videos on the subject of magick are available. Here is My blog.